Own It!


Photo by Ryan Kelly, @ryankelly

Yesterday, Harry and I were on Daily Burn 365 to talk about our weight loss and Harry’s sob story.

I love being able to share our stories and I want to thank those who made it possible. Thank you to my friend Peter H., who told me about Daily Burn, you changed my life. Thank you to Dino’s Pizza & Pasta on Broadway in Astoria for putting chicken Marsala on an extra cheese pizza, everyday for months. You built my fat ass into an ideal candidate for a fitness program. There are too many bartenders to thank individually but know I would think about you all the time if I could remember you.

Harry is a dog so I answered most of the questions.

Hear what Harry did not say before the workout.

Or don’t find out what Harry thinks after the workout.

Right now, people in the Daily Burn community are sharing stories about body parts they have issues with, #OwnIt. Here’s my contribution. My voice. I always worried that I sounded too gay. I thought I learned to cover. Ten minutes ago I watched my interview and I do sound très gay. And I just got over it. Alternative is feeling bad about it and I’m not going to feel bad about nonsense. Getting older rules.

Happy Pride!

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