It’s been a nice run

Steintrek has become too much Stein and not enough trek. Even with my outsized ego, I don’t think I’m interesting enough for daily publication.
I’m grateful for this blog and all of you who read it during my trip because that is what kept me motivated.
Some of you have told me you enjoyed the posts. That means more to me than anything else I experienced on my trip because it tells me I did something positive for somebody else.
Now I’m back to being a normal guy. Looking for a job. Raising a dog child as a single parent. Trying not to get fat. Making sure my nose hair does not become too long, luxurious and flowing. Nothing that warrants a blog.
Don’t fret if you don’t want to go cold turkey off of the Stein. I’ve come to enjoy Twitter and I vomit up some daily stupidness from @Steintrek. Follow me if you care.
Thanks again to all my readers. We almost had it all.


5 thoughts on “It’s been a nice run

  1. Oh, bummer! Well, Jeff, if you ever start up again, for a defined or indefinite span, count me in! It was always a pleasure to read your blog in the middle of a humdrum day.

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