Steintrek, an all new season, less shallow


Harry is a great example of being in the best condition he can be, for his circumstances, so he can live a happy life. Top: One year ago today, after being hit by a car. Bottom: Last week, basking in the sun after a long walk in the woods.

Steintrek’s summer hiatus is over. Not much has happened. Unless you count a haircut and buying wife-beater undershirts and a package of ankle socks from TJ Max.

I did have one conversation that changed my perspective on my health and mental well-being. During our annual friends beach vacation near Gloucester, Massachusetts, (A Perfect Storm, The Gordon’s Fisherman, and teen pregnancy and alcoholism capital of the US), I was fishing for compliments about my weight loss from my friend Laura.

Jeff: So, do I look any different than when you saw me during the holidays?
Laura: You look much happier.
Jeff: I am. But do you notice anything else?
Laura: You really do look healthy and happy.
Jeff: [screaming in my mind, not saying out loud] I DON’T WANT TO BE HEALTHY AND HAPPY! I WANT TO BE THIN!

Laura was perfect in all her responses because weight loss and weight gain are not positive and negative, they just are. When I heard myself begging to praised for taking up slightly less room than I had before, I finally understood how messed up my thinking had become.

No more focusing on weight when I discuss my efforts to stay healthy. I’m just going to celebrate accomplishments or things that make me happy, like completing a tough Daily Burn 365 workout or cooking something delicious. I’m also going to share things that might not be so great for me because it’s important to be realistic and relatable if I plan to inspire others.

For example, I try not to drink a lot of beer. But the other day, my local Japanese market was selling 12-packs of Sapporo beer for $11.99. That’s a great deal. P.S., long story short, I drank all of them in one evening. I hope that tidbit helps someone out there.


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