When Millenials Speak, I Obey

Photo credit: Tech.Co (formerly Tech Cocktail) via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Most of my freelance writing clients are professional organizations that pay me by check after I complete a 1099 and we have an initial interview by Skype, while I’m wearing a button-down shirt, a tie and no pants. 
Yesterday, I helped a young man write a business proposal. He is ground zero for millennial. From San Francisco, works for Google, lives in Williamsburg and he’s ethnically ambiguous.

Alpha Millenial: Thanks for everything, can I pay you through Venmo?

Me: The video site Taylor Swift uses?

AM: No, that’s Vimeo. 

Me: You can pay me with a check or through PayPal.

AM: Oh…

Me: What, “Oh?”

AM: I mean, that’s fine. Venmo was bought by PayPal and it’s caught on better with people my age.

Within a minute, I signed up for Venmo. I felt like such a stupid dinosaur for using PayPal. Had he known I was a PayPal user, I’m sure he wouldn’t have given me the job.

I can’t tell the difference between PayPal and Venmo but the next time a millennial wants to give me money, I’m going to make it as easy as possible.

2 thoughts on “When Millenials Speak, I Obey

  1. Hah! What a douche, Venmo’s okay… More of social pay system. So PayPal is now equal to old farts writing checks. 😆

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    • I may as well have asked for a certified cashier’s check. The one thing I could do without on PayPal is that it assumes every transaction for a delivery of a tangible item and making you go through extra steps to say that there is no item, just give me my money.

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