Still going

I was trying to do the sensitive and intellectual man version of the gun show. I don’t think it worked. Photo courtesy of Ryan Kelly/Daily Burn

I’m like the Richard Simmons of Daily Burn, I disappeared for a little while. Plus I’m gay, wear really tiny shorts and my housekeeper is holding me hostage. 

I’m happy to lose a half a pound a week so no starving or depriving myself of anything. I started this (I will not say journey!) thing on January 4 at 228 pounds and I’m still going strong at 210. 

There have been some slip ups. Because I don’t drink much anymore, when I do, I’m a wild man. A few weeks ago I came home after three glasses of wine and made cheese soup. It’s a super simple and quick recipe for all you busy moms. Take whatever cheese is in the house, put all of it in a bowl, microwave it until it’s a molten liquid. Get a spoon and start eating. Don’t stop despite second degree burns all over the inside of your mouth. No pain no gain.


still feeling the burn 2 1/2 months into it. Photo courtesy of Ryan Kelly/Daily Burn


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