I’m not going to become one of those dog people

That’s what I promised myself. However, that was before I found out that the dog I adopted is extraordinary, brilliant, cute, and a being that everyone must know about.
Harry is so much more affectionate and playful than three days ago. Toys and treats are now on his list of likes. On day one, he did not accept treats by hand or even if we left them on the floor. By yesterday, he climbed onto a chair, took a box of treats out of a bag, put it on the floor, then opened it.
Being in a shelter is very stressful for a dog and it takes them awhile to come around. I’ve still not heard him bark but I fear that won’t last.
I was going to have him groomed today but cancelled the appointment. It would be too confusing for him and I’d worry he might think he’s back in the pound.
My mom went into the hospital yesterday for complications from stuffing and pie (diabetes). She’s bounced back and seems fine but would like me to visit her in the hospital more. I don’t want to leave Harry alone for too long in case he could feel unloved. My mom thinks my priorities are a bit screwed up.




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