I think my dog is gifted

Last night Harry took his first trip to New York City. He’s so smart and well trained that he knew those cement covered walkways were not grassy Long Island, where he was trained to go potty. So we are going to have a problem when we move back into the city today.
No joke but I decided to buy squares of turf from Home Depot and place them on the city sidewalks until he figures out what to do. If you see a dude in Astoria walking around with a square yard of grass and a dog, say hey.
The exciting news is that Harry met my friends’ dog, Nate, last night. We were going to meet up at the dog run, neutral territory, so they would have a better chance of getting along. However, Nate had an “incident” with another dog at the dog run earlier that day so he could not go back there.
Being two privileged pooches, their first doggy date was at Gramercy Park. I’m not saying they are now best friends but they did not kill each other, which is what we were going for. Now I can remain friends with Nate’s parents.



4 thoughts on “I think my dog is gifted

  1. I know there’s a gifted program at Hunter High School. Any dog who can figure out how to poop in this city is definitely a candidate.

  2. That dog is extremely handsome, but I wonder if he doesn’t need orthodontia. I assume this is a dental specialty in NY. Canine ortho. If not, I need to rethink the horse dentist career move.

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