Where the hell do I think I am?

After the Great North Carolina Hangover of 2013, the only food I could take in yesterday was a gas station donut and a liter of Coca-Cola. The Weather Channel has dubbed it a Super Hangover.
A three and a half hour power nap stimulated my appetite. I’m in God knows where North Carolina so the only options are Waffle House and McDonald’s. I wanted to eat healthier so I chose McDonald’s.
I became really and irrationally upset when the 400 pound, pimply faced 16-year-old cashier gave me no greeting at all. I was the one who had to say hello, how are you doing!
For some reason, I forgot that this girl is probably in high school plus working 40 hours a week just to stay in poverty and deal with the likes of me. My snobby thought was, “It’s very clear to me that she has not taken a hospitality management course.”
As for the sign in the picture, I would’ve loved to have been at the headquarters meeting when that policy and process was drawn up. They are totally making money on 50-piece McNuggets by giving only 6 sauces. I would order five 10-piece meals and get 10 sauces but I’m gourmet and smart like that.

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