I blame Tom Brady

The stupid New England Patriots played the Carolina Panthers last night. Two stateless teams trying to win more fans by representing large regions.
With the local team playing, it was sure to be festive in Asheville. My friend Adam provided bar suggestions, which I treated like a challenge and a check list. Never one to have just a single beer at an establishment (it’s rude), I racked up 10 pints before halftime.
I won’t lie, I felt like dog doody this morning. I vomited in the parking lot of the Biltmore Estate, which was gorgeous. My vomit that is, not the estate.
A leisurely drive was all I could handle so I took the scenic route between Asheville and Charlotte, Highway 74A.
I didn’t make it all way to Charlotte. I don’t really know where I am but I was too tired and stupid to drive any longer so I pulled into a motel. Now I’m going to have a jelly donut, a Coke and a nap.







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