It’s crunch time

I need to be on Long Island and making a sweet potato pie in seven days, I can’t be dicking around. In these seven days, I want to hit South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Washington DC, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.
South Carolina just isn’t going to get the amount of love I wanted to give. To think, I spent 10 days in Michigan.
I’m not worried about making that distance in time, I could do that in the next 24 hours if need be. I just want to have some sort of significant experience, or meal, in each state.
After I crossed over the South Carolina state line, I pulled into King Mountain national Park and reflected on past South Carolina experiences. I spent a great weekend with my friend Brady’s mom in Charleston, 20 years ago, just after hurricane Andrew. There was a lot of devastation so we had some mint julep’s to help us deal.
Speaking of South Carolina and mint julep’s, my friend Sharyanne has a nice little tradition. When she comes down Charleston way, she tries to blend with the Southerners by wearing white patent leather pumps and drinking a julep somewhere. As soon as the julep is done, she takes off the white pumps and puts on her New York City shoes.

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