Go back to Europe or the Caucasus or wherever the hell you were spawned

Being a white guy has two side effects. One, I can walk in and use the bathroom at any establishment no questions asked. Second is that other white guys are always telling me their fucked up racist shit.
While enjoying a delicious Greek Pastichio and a tasty Bulgarian bartender at Athena by the Sea yesterday, a drunk douche tool let me know what he thinks about President Obama. He did not like my view that affordable health care for my fellow citizens is a positive thing. He did not have a lot of statistics to back up his argument, which was this: “You’re OK when Shaniqua with 17 kids takes all your money?”
He got really red when I asked, who is Shaniqua?
Then he told me I better start buying gold because this world is going down the tubes and the US dollar will be good only as toilet paper. Which I thought was rich because this fuckwit spent all his time at the bar calling apartment management companies, trying to rent a place with a credit card because he’s broke as a joke.
But he had the same clearly racist vitriol against President Obama that I’ve heard too often around this country. It’s pretty obvious, a lot of people don’t like our President because of his color. It’s not complicated, all those angry screaming people are hateful bigots. It’s shameful for the USA.
I want to give a shout out to the Secret Service. This scumbag told me he should have shot the President during his first days in office and saved the Country. He said he would kill him right now given half a chance. So Secret Service, his name is Dirk and he’s white (duh!) with crispy fake tan skin and beady little blue eyes. He was born and raised in Jamestown, NY and has spent the last few years in San Diego. Now he is in Fort Lauderdale trying to rent an apartment with a debit card that’s attached to his phone and a pack of menthol cigarettes with a rubberband.

Photo credit: theqspeaks / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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