I’m drooling after the cars of old snow birds

I’m tickled that I’m usually sitting behind 1000hp when stuck in traffic, here in South Florida. I was behind this Mercedes SL55 AMG and Cadillac CTS-V coupe as we inched forward for 45 minutes. I’m sure there was a self-righteous Toyota Prius owner behind me and laughing at my ass.
The noted philosopher Sammy Hager once screamed, “I just can’t get my car out of second gear.” I feel him. For the first time in my life I wish my car had a little switch that turned it into an automatic. My left leg is becoming oddly buffer than my right leg.
What’s really bizarre is that I’ve began to covet the Lexus LS460. And there are plenty of them to covet in Florida. I just imagine stepping in and closing that thick chunky door as leather, wood, smoothness, money and the feeling that you’ve made all the correct life decisions envelope me. I bet people who drive a Lexus like to be traffic.
I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a Mercedes S class or a BMW 7 series but a Lexus just feels right here in South Florida. I’m kicking myself for not buying a Lexus dealership in this area years ago, not that I ever had the opportunity or ability. A Lexus dealership in Boca is like a license to print money.

One thought on “I’m drooling after the cars of old snow birds

  1. When I had a manual (how I miss it!) I used to hate driving in NY traffic. I know that feeling of stop, first gear, second gear, stop. First gear, second gear, stop…over and over until you are bonkers.

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