I’ve retired to Fort Lauderdale

I guess a part of this trip is me searching for something. Perhaps a connection to a place. Perhaps a connection to a lover. Here in Florida, I’ve discovered that connection has always been inside of me. I’m just fucking with you, I really like sitting by the beach while eating coconut fried shrimp and drinking Corona.
As I laid on the beautiful white sand beach yesterday, I thought to myself, “I’m not going anywhere for a while.”
My original plan was Key West but Key West is really really expensive. I was able to negotiate a week stay at a hotel on the beach in Fort Lauderdale for a pretty nifty price. Plus, I’m sleeping with the parking valet, which will save me $75 this week. Travel smart.
The beach I went to yesterday was Haulover Beach, a clothing optional beach. Going there is not subversive, it’s right off the main road and people from all walks of life gather there.
I got some nasty stares while I was snorkeling in the water. Apparently everyone is fine to show their junk on the beach but they get very shy underwater. Seriously, I was looking for fish.

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