Putting on pants is hard


This morning I read a New York Times article on how free and comfortable people feel while traveling, to the point of taking their shoes and socks off on a crowded plane. While this is piss poor hygiene for everyone involved, I marvel at the supreme foot-confidence of anyone able to do that in public. Feet need to be in pretty superb condition not to offend several senses.
The article describes the growing trend of people expanding their intimate apparel into public places. Just this morning I went out to breakfast at a cute little café in Fort Lauderdale. About a dozen men and women, not together, dined in their pajama bottoms and baseball caps. I don’t want to see that. You’ve been sleeping, farting, and doing God knows what in those pants all night long and now you brought it to the breakfast table.
Wearing pajamas in public also tells me you just don’t care or think it’s too hard to put on pants. What else is too hard for you? Brushing your teeth? Washing your hands? Wiping your butt?
The word public comes from the ancient Greek word pubic, meaning sexy. Public places are supposed to be sexy places. Splash some water on your face, brush your hair and step into a pair of jeans for fuck sake.

Photo credit: zoomar / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

4 thoughts on “Putting on pants is hard

  1. I am always struck by old photographs of public streets. Any street in the US before 1968. People wore hats, women wore white gloves. Everyone’s hair was combed. When did it become ok for grown adults to dress like five year olds? Everywhere? I remember living in France in the 80s and you would never step out the door in sweat pants, etc., now they are infected too. I could not get over how some people the Metro (these were native French people) when I was there last year. Now it’s not even bad enough for me to do my Sat errands dressed like Dennis the Menace. I can wear my Jim-jams too!

    • I was so petrified of being called a lazy American in Paris, I would put on a collared shirt to go to my Club Med Gym at 7am on Saturdays. The French chicks would be in full make up and set the tread mill to “enough to lose weight but not enough to sweat.”

  2. Of course now that I am done ranting, I am getting dressed to go out – in jeans,Merrill’s, tube socks , t shirt and flannel hoodie. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

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