I had a gay old time

An old gay time to be more accurate. I took myself and my sea lice to Fort Lauderdale’s public Halloween party. All the local gay bars were part of the fun with costume parties.
I was shocked by the number of silver senior gays in attendance. I know this is Florida and there are older people but when you’re gay, you forget that you can get older. AIDS wiped out a few generations of men so I am simply not used to seeing large groups of gay men in their 70s, 80s and 90s.
Like most older people, these gay guys just don’t give a fuck and have become quite handsy. It was a challenge to walk through a bar without having my ass grabbed. One guy grabbed and smacked me so hard that I snapped at him and asked why he did that. He said, “You have such a nice ass and you put it near me.” He has a point. My bad.

It was heartening to see the local coach take his star wrestler to the parade.


And now that Boy Scouts can be gay, this young man is earning his Eagle badge in tweaking and dancing his ass off.


2 thoughts on “I had a gay old time

  1. Do you like old guys? I do. David makes fun of me for saying “mrrrroww!” whenever I see 60+ year old David Straitharn on TV. And don’t get me started on Patrick Stewart, Alan Rickman, or the Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso (who I believe is 70). He thinks it’s really weird that all my movie, TV and music idols can join the AARP. I guess I have turned into a Grampy-chaser in my middle age.

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