This is why I’m fat

I mentioned in the last post that my friend Matt is an enabler. I did not mention he’s a professional enabler and manages the bar at Peche.
Just 11 hours into my newfound sobriety, Matt forced me to drink a Bloody Mary. He’s horrible but the drink was excellent.
Like last night, I let Matt happen and ordered what he likes to eat.
The shrimp toast and pickle was a wonderful surprise. The Louisiana and Texas oysters, some of them the size of a VW, were plump, salty, firm and exploded in my mouth (shut up!). The ground shrimp in pasta with chile sauce was the perfect hangover cure – pasta, spice and fat! I did not think that squash, bacon and rice sounded all that interesting but it’s my new favorite autumnal vegetable side dish.
To help me get to my cemetery tour, Matt gave me wine to go. Street legal wine. Louisiana is so wonderfully weird!





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