Happier than a cochon in shit

Last night I met up with my friend Matt for dinner at Cochon, a restaurant where he worked for many years. It was one of the best meals of my trip.
Matt took over and simply ordered the whole menu. No part of the pig was wasted. We had a salad with the ears, an appetizer of cheeks, and several other sections working our way towards the business end of Wilbur. Pork crackling was the palate cleanser.
I’m a little angry at Matt though. He knew I was 18 hours sober and recovering from a bad hangover yet he kept ordering wine and whiskey shots. So this is the second day I am waking up in New Orleans and my second day hungover. I knew this place was trouble.
But it is also extremely beautiful. As I lurch from bar to bar searching for the perfect hangover cure, there is some lovely scenery.






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