I want to add one more regular post series to the critically acclaimed series, “standing/walking/running behind guys with nice round butts.” If I keep up with that series, I’ll have a new subject to cover: “Guys with nice round butts beating me up for creepily taking photos of their nice round butts.
Overheard will take advantage of people considering single diners/travelers to be deaf mutes.
At Cafe Beignet on Royal Street this morning, a table of three were proclaiming their love or disdain for particular cheeses. Kind of like the “would you do him” conversation I have with the girls. The polite chit chat took a harsh turn when somebody brought up Mozzarella.
A fist slammed down in the table and one of the dudes shrieked, “Mozzarella is nothing? It’s nothing! It’s the vodka of the cheese world!”

4 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. I object strongly to the suggestion that either vodka or mozzarella are bland or LCD, as with most food and drink, there is great variety of both if you make the effort to find out. Grrrrr.

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