Good to know for planning purposes

To keep my visit to several New Orleans cemeteries interesting, I was playing a game of Find The Jews. Not as easy as in New York, there are no religious symbols that I could see. Presumably to stop anti-Semitic vandals.
I hit pay dirt after being drawn in by the Seymour family monument. Just as I was about to walk away, I looked at the bottom marker, Lillian Seymour. Like me, she was born on April 7. Except she was born in 1907. My birth year is 1970. Inverted birth years.
Her death day is May 10, 2003. Is Lillian reaching out from the grave to tell me I will die on May 10, 2030, a little over 16 years from now?
Who knows but what are you going to do? Seeing how I’m spending all my money now and Social Security is going broke, maybe dying at 60 is my best financial plan.
And look, no matter where you go, there’s always a bunch of Kuntz.





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