Why did we have to meet this way?

I was watching a video of Anthony Bourdain interview and drive with the first all female Palestinian auto racing team (because why not). One of the Speed Sisters was driving a hot little Peugeot I’ve never seen before and figured I won’t see until a trip out of the US. French automakers have not imported to the US since the 80’s. Their French 80’s cars were even shittier than American 80’s cars, not an easy feat.
Yeaterday on my way to eat (in New Orleans, you are either on your way to eat or on your way back from eating, it’s like a Jewish and Italian family get together) I did come across a little red Peugeot RCZ. Unfortunately I was watching it get rammed by a Chevy Suburban as part of a movie scene.
No punch line. Just a sad waste. It should have been a Toyota Corolla.

4 thoughts on “Why did we have to meet this way?

  1. The local Greenwich French restauranteur, Jean Louis Guerin, toodles around town in a deux chevaux. I assume he brought it over from France. How practical is it to buy a car overseas and ship it? I always wondered what it cost to ship a car. I know that air cargo for a horse is something like 2 to 3 times a first class human ticket.

    • Worse than the cost of shipping is the cost and pain of certifying a car that is not sold in the US. The EPA and other agencies need to make sure the Euro-only model is US street legal. It can be done and older/classic cars get grandfathered like a deux chevaux. Clearly they are neither safe nor low emissions.

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