America’s future is not too bright

At Mount Rushmore I was able to witness the exact moment when a man realized his son will be better off studying a trade and he needn’t pay for expensive college tuition. After gazing upon the incredible stone monument, the 17 year old or so kid told his father, “It’s really awesome that years of erosion and earthquakes made these cool faces in the rock.”
The way his younger sister was laughing and nearly pissing her pants, I figured she might have something to do with how he came about this information.



3 thoughts on “America’s future is not too bright

  1. No doubt there are always going to be some dumb kids out there. Jen was at a consignment store the other day looking for a cheap rain jacked (because we normally don’t get that much rain here in Colorado) and there were two teen-age girls running the store at the time. The computers went down and they couldn’t calculate tax for her, so they just let her have it without paying tax.


  2. Snce every one under the age of 50 is equipped with a cell phone that has someone on it a calculator ap its not difficult, but if all you now how to do is use a cash register then the idea of oh, I don’t know multiplying the cost by 1.08375 ( i think that is NYC but it may be closer to .0875 these days) would be unheard of and no decent high school student in our fab educational system could be faulted for not figuring it the %^*+ out. Sigh

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