Boys do cry

While you’re blow drying your hair and dabbing on the Drakkar Noir, you don’t have to debate with yourself which gay bar to hit up first when in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Toppers is the only gay bar in all of the Dakotas, North and South. East and West too as far as I can tell.
It does not look like much, but once inside I decided this is the type of bar that Brandon Teena went to before he was killed for being different.
To my surprise, a very good-looking young gentleman saddled up next to me and started talking. Nope, she was just a cute lesbian. I will use the pronoun “she” because I now know that she identifies as a woman. When she first sat down I thought that she was a female-to-male transgender gay dude who was hitting on me because of course.
Turns out it was just a really wasted lesbian who thought I owned the bar and had a bone to pick with me.
If a lesbian thinks that I own that piece of shit bar in this good for nothing broke ass town, I need to start dressing better.

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