A city without flavor

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is a real shame. Surrounded by farms, you would think there would be amazing restaurants. You’re an idiot for thinking such a thing!
After a few disappointing food hiccups, I decided to throw money at the problem and went to what people call the best restaurant in Sioux Falls, Minerva’s. They cooked the sirloin perfectly and blood ran red on the plate. Yet, the steak had no flavor. The baked potato was great but a jockstrap would taste great if you throw enough butter, sour cream, salt and pepper on it. I’m guessing, I couldn’t possibly know.

I met a man named Joe and asked him if I was crazy to think somebody needs to poor Cholula hot sauce all over this town. He agreed. Poor Joe was born and raised in Sioux Falls but lived in Seattle for 20 years before coming back to help the family business. Seattle was my favorite food city on this trip. Joe thinks all the good food raised in South Dakota is shipped to restaurants in Seattle.
It comes down to culture. South Dakotans are a practical people. Back in the day, they had to be with brutal winters and scorching summers. Folk here are very straightforward and have no time for pleasantries or using spices.


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