Howdy partner!

I was in a pissy mood all through South Dakota save for a day by Mount Rushmore. Everything there is flat. The land scape, the flavors of the food, and even people’s accents. It reminds me of the movie The Never Ending Story. The “Nothing” was a storm that would suck all the life force out of the land and the beings it would pass over. The Nothing made a pitstop in South Dakota between filming.
But now I’m in a great mood. I’ve been drinking a lot of disgusting kambucha tea for good digestive health and I’m in the land of the cowboy, Wyoming! They even have cowboys on the license plates.
My first stop was Devils Tower. It is extremely awesome and I’m not at all surprised Spielberg picked it as the setting for Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It does not look like it is of this world. I was going to camp close to it but I decided, fuck that, that shit is scary.


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