Colorado is schizo

Colorado is like a mini United States. They have their conservative/hateful people in the South (Colorado Springs) and liberal hippie pot smoking communists up North (Boulder).
The Colorado Springs area is weird man. One moment I am at over 14,000 feet sea level atop Pikes Peak and 45 minutes later I’m at the Focus on the Family campus. I skipped the visitor center and went right for their bookstore.



I did not open up the above book, brought to us by Living in a Fallen World publishing but I did discuss it that night with an impromptu book club: My buddy Winston and his friend Bill – Two straight married guys, in their 40s with children, who work in technology. We wondered how a man could be “struggling” with porn. The bookclub decided he probably does not have a decent Internet connection and can’t download videos.

The next day I had lunch with my friend Kerry at The Kitchen in downtown Denver. Kerry did not allow photos (not all people are like those I met in California, who wanted to be in my blog so they could bolster their resumés for reality shows). A super bright and energetic all windows restaurant in the heart of Denver. If they have gazpacho when you are there, get it. If they have dark chocolate gelato when you are there, get it.
Kerry suggested I go to the Blake Street Vault, her husband’s favorite bar, because it’s haunted. Thirty minutes later, I’m in a vault in the basement with the bartender and some others taking a ghost tour. Bulletholes and scratch marks are all over the ceiling of the vault, where the owners would lock up would-be thieves.


My guess is that the air is really thin in Colorado and everyone goes a little crazy in one direction or the other.

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