I went nuts in Nebraska

I’m not a shopper. I like nice things but I’m not good at buying non-necessities nor do I enjoy looking. I have no vision for what would work where or what goes with what.
While waiting for my allergy meds to be ready at a pharmacy in Kearney, Nebraska, I took a stroll around town.
Yesterday’s Treasures is a shop with mid-century Danish and American furnishings, glass and ceramic and a few Art Deco pieces. The prices are insane. In the cheap way.
A beautiful 50 year old Danish split “couch” is $195 (below with red pillows) for both pieces. There’s a fancy store in High Falls, New York, Spruce, that would sell the same couch for $3,000.
I told the owner Karen and her husband what their things would go for in NYC. They know but told me they have to be mindful where they are located. They are doing fine without my advice. Karen simply buy pieces she likes – she has a real thing for lamps – enjoys them, and a few times a year a Japanese person (or lately Chinese) drives up in a U-Haul and buys all of their stock. She hits the road and starts over. Because they are doing well, they only open from 10am to 5pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Or what I call “French business hours.”

I bought this fantastic green California lazy Susan ceramic snack bowl for $40.

Things steamrolled from there. The good news is that I’m done Christmas shopping. The bad news is I must make very efficient movements in my car and not need anything that is buried in the hatch.








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