25 down, 23 to go

My original plan was to zigzag north-south north-south north-south. However, when I was in North Dakota, the call of the Western mountains and the Pacific ocean was too strong. I have a big and important swath of land yet to visit from Wyoming and South Dakota down to Texas. The States I have visited are marked with a lavender dot. A visit means I was there at least overnight or I had a significant experience or I peed on something.
Arizona snuck in under the wire. While I was in St. George, UT, I went backwards to Mesquite, AZ, to buy full alcoholic beer and pee on a mesquite tree.
I left New York City nearly four months ago and I went back once after six weeks. I am headed back there again to visit my family and then to go on an annual beach vacation with my friends on Cape Ann, north of Boston. Blogging won’t be happening much there as my friends promised to throw me and my iPhone in the brine if I so much as take a picture. A bunch of Greta Garbos. Their philosophy is, “What happens in Gloucester, you don’t need to worry about. Mind your business.”
This works out nicely as I will be able to do the New England states in early September, my favorite time of year. Then I’ll head down the East Coast towards Florida and swing over to Texas and up. Or I might do it the other way around. Planning takes the fun out of things.
Today I’m in Denver and by Friday night I hope to be in NYC.

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