I can have it all

Today’s man does not have to choose between Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico or Utah.
How could I not do this? Four Corners National Monument is where the above four States meet. That’s it, there is nothing else. It’s very satisfying stepping in as many municipalities as possible.
Today was a big driving day. My main hike was in Natural Bridges National Monument. As spectacular as that was, today’s drive was the best of my road trip. In between Bryce Canyon, Utah, and Cortez, Colorado, there was constant eyeball stimulation.
What Utah lacks in late night gay dance clubs, it more than makes up for in natural wonder.










I apologize for that outfit, I came straight from hiking. Although, all the German tourists complimented me on my choice of a long dark sock with a practical pair of pocketed shorts.
Speaking of tourists, when I lived in France I always wondered where all the French people went during the summer. They are here.

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