The moment I wished I had children


It was probably the heat or the altitude but I read this sign quickly and my main take away was, if you have small children, pick them up and throw them at the mountain lion.
I’ve been in Bryce Canyon the past two days and I’ve had an enjoyable and relaxing time. Much less activity than some of the bigger parks, which I will not name so as not to embarrass those parks.
Being summer there are tons of families on vacation. Less small children where there’s camping, difficult hiking and high heat. Parents have been saving these trips up for when the kids are teenagers. Unfortunately, by the time the kids are teenagers, they are not as sweet as they used to be. I can’t tell you how many unhappy teens I see bringing up the rear during a hike and whining that they can’t get cell reception so they can Snap Chat with their friends who are sitting in a mall.









2 thoughts on “The moment I wished I had children

  1. Beautiful!!
    Only you would read that same sign and interpret it to mean throwing small children at the mountain lion to save your own ass!

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