I’m getting all lubed up

I’m at Stephen Wade Nissan in St. George, Utah, for my fourth oil change in four months. I suggested they change the name to Wade Stephen Nissan, sounds much better.
Fake knock on imitation wood but the Z has been performing admirably under tough conditions. The tough condition being that I’m driving. I might’ve boiled the oil and turned it into tar. A couple of days ago I was flinging it around turns at what some might call a high speed while driving through a high mountain range while it was 107° outside. I’ve never seen the oil temperature gauge get up to 260° but there it was. I was going to turn the air conditioning off to give the engine a break but then I realized I was wearing a nice clean shirt and I wanted to go to a decent place for dinner. Engine 0, Banana Republic Polo 1.



3 thoughts on “I’m getting all lubed up

  1. That’s a good test of your car to see if it stands up to the elements. I once raced my VW Passat in 107°F temps, and it was fine. I was not fine, since it’s poor form to use your AC in a race and helmets don’t cool much in cars…

  2. Have you been to any of those roads out west with Autobahn like speed limits? Have you driven the car at outrageous speeds yet, now you are in open country? (Says the woman who just returned from mandatory driver re-Ed here in CT because I got two speeding tickets on the Merritt in two weeks! I have to keep my nose clean for three years or David will be my chauffeur everywhere)

    • You know, being chauffeured around Connecticut in your Mercedes might be the life. I’m not saying I did or didn’t for legal reasons, but someone like me in a car like mine might have hit 125mph yesterday.

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