I’ve become a Zionist

Today I hit a few of the trails in Zion National Park. Unlike Yosemite, the influx of people is controlled by not allowing private vehicles on the main road that cuts through the park. It’s very easy to park your car before or just after the park entrance and take the free and frequent shuttle to any of the trailheads.
The red rock vistas are breathtaking.
At one point of during my hike, a Mohave Black-collared lizard darted out to stare at me. It stayed there for a while and allowed me to get close to it. On the way back, I swear the same lizard in the same spot ran over to say hello. When I asked a park ranger if these lizards are friendly, he did not think so. I told him I think this particular lizard really liked me. He said probably not, they’re just used to humans. I insisted this lizard definitely liked me. I need to start hanging out with more humans.





3 thoughts on “I’ve become a Zionist

  1. Jeff, make sure you also stop for the views at Moab. You will not be disappointed. It’s one of my favorite places on the planet for good reason!

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