The secret to good Mexican food and why it’s hard to get drunk in Utah

I went to Peppers Cantina in St. George last night. That’s the owners’ 10 year old son entering the days receipts into a spreadsheet. The little tike found an $11.00 discrepancy that he would just not let go. Ah, the idealism of youth.
The owners are a beautiful Mexican American woman and a New Yorkrican dude (New York born Puerto Rican). The food is great. I had a small chile rellano and a pork tamale. The rellano had a proper egg batter and was delicately cooked and not overstuffed. The tamale had a strong, almost gamey, pork flavor. This is a good thing. The one time I bought a pork chop at Wal-Mart, it tasted of nothing and emptiness. The destruction of Earth from massive commercial farming should be tastier.
Mr. Pepper told me the secret to their dishes is taking Mexican recipes and using Puerto Rican style meats and sauces. His wife did some eye rolling with that.
What is stranger than the MexiRican hybrid food are Utah’s alcohol laws. Mrs. Pepper told me all beer is called three two style. No matter the brand, beer from distributors can never be more than 3.2% alcohol. You can buy full fat beer at State run liquor stores but not at restaurants or the one bar in St. George. So I had to sit there and drink twice the amount of Dos Equis that I normally would.
Thank the Angel Maroni that Joseph Smith didn’t stay in New York and went West.

4 thoughts on “The secret to good Mexican food and why it’s hard to get drunk in Utah

  1. They have 3.2 in Minnesota too. The lowest moment of my underage drinking career was drinking 3.2 Zima, having no other alternative.

  2. Your blog isn’t just entertaining and a pleasure to read, it’s also educational. I forgot about Angel Maroni and his (let’s face it, it wasn’t a she) role in the birth of Mormonism.

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