To do AZ or not do AZ?

Whenever I enter another State, like anyone else, I ask myself if I have any outstanding warrants here. As I entered Arizona I thought to myself, “Did I take care of that speeding ticket I got in Kingman in 1990?”
No matter, I think the statute of limitations are such that I could have murdered everyone in Kingman in 1990.
I zipped through the NW corner of AZ without getting out of the car and pissing on anything and now I’m near Zion, Utah. Does that count as doing Arizona?
I lived in Tempe, Arizona for two years. I’ve been to Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, a rodeo in Tucson, and I bought a bottle of Tequila in Nogales, which I drained by myself on a 18 hour train ride to Mazetlan, Mexico. I think I’ve done Arizona.
Unless someone thinks there is more for me to do in the youngest contiguous State.

2 thoughts on “To do AZ or not do AZ?

  1. May I suggest kidnapping Jan Brewer while you’re there? Although she may not be the ideal traveling companion, you’d probably have some pretty animated conversations.

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