I had a moment

While this is not an overt vision quest or spiritual journey I hope to glean something more from my travels than high mileage and a beer gut.
Sometimes when I’m alone in the middle of nowhere and it is quiet, my mind farts out revelations. It happened yesterday in Natural Bridges National Monument in Southeast Utah (thanks again Theodore Roosevelt!).
Everything I’ve ever really had and known is still with me. Everything I have yet to give and do is inside of me right now. I can only learn more and become better – if I choose to. The possibilities are endless. Most everything else is external and noise.
What does this mean? Not entirely sure but it feels great knowing it and I’ve had a shit-eating beatific grin in my face for a day.
It’s not all zen and kittens. I would, more likely now than before, cut a bitch who gets in the way of me becoming a better person.



5 thoughts on “I had a moment

  1. Moab does that to almost everyone who is paying attention, Jeff. Be sure and check the stars out at night for another mind=blown moment.

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