You know, I don’t want to kill hipsters anymore

I don’t know why hipsters used to annoy me so much. It’s probably their disdain for anything mainstream and thinking they are too cool for school while being so self-aware and fitting into a really narrow type.
And they think they invented food. Which I’ve come to see as a good thing. I asked the bartender how the food is here at the Ace. He said all the food here is very foodie. So foodie is now an adjective. He was right. The sunshine burger, made of ground brisket was kick ass. Served on a huge brioche with crisp lettuce, red onions, tomatoes and savory pickles, I have been having phantom tastes of it for the past day. The seasoned french fries taste like they were made with duck fat. I couldn’t believe I was eating a big fatty meal while sitting in the direct sunlight while it was 107°.
All the cocktails are wonderful. I stuck to the Bloody Mary’s, which they make with chili salt and stuff with cucumber slices and olives.
The Ace Hotel and Swim Club is the first non-gay establishment I’ve been to that has rid itself of Russian vodkas. Look, I know it seems silly to stop drinking Russian vodka as a protest to how gays are being persecuted there but we don’t have a lot of leverage. I mean, I’ve stopped buying Russian cars and meats but gays not using Russian vodka for their martinis will put a serious dent in their economy.



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