Las Vegas is seedy. I know, shocking.


Above is the view from my room. The billboard text alternates every 10 seconds. I feel that these negative messages would not be on display at the Golden Doors Spa.
I’m staying at the Blue Moon resort (a special place for men). In Las Vegas English the word “resort” means a skanky old converted Motel 6. Whoever created their website is the best illusionist in Las Vegas. If this place was anymore ghetto, reception would be behind bulletproof plexiglass.
To cheer myself up, I went to one of my favorite happy hours. The 107 Lounge at the top of the Stratosphere Casino tower has wonderful half-price appetizers between 4pm and 7pm and two-for-one cocktails.
I’ve been there a few times and it’s never crowded. Probably because you have to walk through the entire casino and attached mall, then go through airport style security before accessing the elevators to the tower.
The bizarre thing is you must order two of the same cocktail and they bring the drinks together. When you’re sitting alone with two full martinis, you start to think, how did I get here?




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