Raw vegan is not a good look for me

After scarfing down the remainder of my berries this morning, I got in the car for the next town. Because I was not thinking clearly, I made life miserable for myself. An hour into the trip, I noticed that I was going to be out of gas very shortly, I had to pee, I was hungry, and I was thirsty. Normally, this is not a big problem. But I was in a mountain pass taking the scenic route, there are not that many gas stations and stores.
Then, like an oasis in the desert, I saw the Bakery General Store. It had its own gas pump, big beautiful restrooms, and their own fresh made pizza. It was much better than the picture I took from stock photography (I was so stupid from malnutrition that I couldn’t think to use my camera). They used very little cheese, their own spicy tomato sauce and they put sausage, pepperoni, and ultra thin sliced mushrooms and red onions. After not having a hot meal or any meat and dairy for more than two days, I attacked two slices.
I had to sit there for a half hour while I waited for the nutrients to enter my brain. At that point I could remember how to open the car door and start the car.
I will continue to practice raw veganism but as a side dish to my main meals. I think it’s called a salad.

Photo credit: callme_crochet / Foter / CC BY-ND

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