Romance in the other Astoria

Maybe it was all the oyster shooters (only $3 for four during happy hour at Astoria Brewing Company!) but romance was in the air.
A handsome local was telling me about all the sites. Flirtatiously he asked if I wanted a proper tour. Oh yeah, give me a proper tour. He actually took me on a tour. I thought it was a euphemism.
We went to the Kindergarden Cop house, the Goonies house, the Free Willy house… I stopped him from showing me The Ring II house.
We did get to see The Column. A climbable tower overlooking the point of land where the Columbia and Youngs rivers meet, which is Astoria.
The tour ended with watching a dress rehearsal for a drag show at the local theater. Astoria is a small town so two of the three drag artists were women. I don’t like to get caught up in gender roles though.
I’ve extended my Other Astoria visit. I have more to tour.




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