The Portland Detox

It’s something I’m making up as I go along. After 3 months, drinking nearly every day, and driving through the barbecue basket of America, my organs asked for a few days off. To be honest, they walked out.
After my early morning bagel and lox in Seattle yesterday, I made the seamless transition to raw vegan by lunch in Portland. Almost two days sober as well. And let me tell you, not drinking is not that interesting.
It’s easy to be a raw vegan here.
My favorite vegan place (I’ve been to just one) is Prasad, a yoga studio and bright simple restaurant. The young shiny staff asks you things like, “What type of day are you having?”
I stumbled because I don’t have a canned answer to that one. I finally said a journey-some day. She smiled as if everyone says the same.
I ordered the feisty tostada with a cup of the daily raw soup, zucchini avocado. The soup was earthy but after a few slurps, the taste settled down to something more creamy and savory. The tostada was hard to eat because of the crumbly pumpkin seed crackers but it was very good. I like the chopped sun dried tomatoes with the avocado, it gives a rich, creamy and salty taste. The quinoa yam rice was super spicy.



I went back for dinner and had the wandering heart “pasta.” This was wonderful. They shave the cucumbers into long and fun strands and do things with cashews to somehow give the dish a light creamy texture and cheesy flavor.


This morning I got lucky and stumbled across a farmers market in the downtown area. There I was able to buy myself a dairy free strawberry rhubarb smoothie and three little baskets of berries for eight dollars. I took a combination of blueberries, raspberries and Marion berries.
For lunch, I revisited the farmers market and had a compostable container of kale and all sorts of super foods.
I’d write more about what I’m doing here in Portland but I’m too weak and hungry. Head hurts.


2 thoughts on “The Portland Detox

  1. Who cares how amazingly delicious it all looks – look at those prices! You can actually afford to be raw vegan too.

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