Why are they not wearing shorts?

While explaining the finer points of baseball to a 20-year-old Italian girl, such as what is a walk and the strike zone, she very honestly told me, “I am not following you.” Her tone was more, “I don’t really care.”
So I told her to just look at their asses and see who has the best ass. The best ass wins. This she understood. Her mother and younger sister also appreciated this point and whipped out opera glasses. The consensus was that Los Angeles Angels leftfielder, Collin Cowgill, won the game. Her Aunt stayed loyal to her boyfriend, Seattle Mariner Raul Ibanez.
Back to me, I’ve now seen Ibanez hit home runs in Yankee Stadium on the East Coast and Safeco Field in Seattle on the West Coast. He’s like my age, which is 200 years old in baseball years.
The young Italian did have one rule related question. “Why are they not wearing shorts?”
For safety, they slide into bases. Girlfriend said she has not seen them do that so it’s a bit hard to believe. She’s right of course. The game would be a lot hotter if the players wore rugby style shorts and there were oiled up Slip’N Slides between the bases.


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