West Coast + Fresh Fish = Asian People

Unless the guys tossing the fish around at the public market down on Pike are tossing the fish into a wok, I have no interest. Like San Francisco, Seattle has a large Asian population and a great seafood tradition.
As soon as a parked the car I went to a Thai restaurant on East Pike and Broadway, Ayutthaya.
I am not an expert on Thai food as the only time I’ve been to Thailand, it was called Siam. It’s been a while. I did however see The King and I live with Yul Brynner twice.
The chef makes his own delicate and yummy broth with cabbage that comes with all meals.
I went for the fish cakes. Made with red chile paste, string beens and lime leaves, these were just spicy enough. It comes with chopped cucumber and red onion in a spiced honey sauce. So damn good.
I did not need the green beef curry as the fish cake starter was enough for lunch. As curries go, it did not rock my world. They skimped on the beef so much I consider it a vegetarian dish.
I was a bit shocked at how expensive it was for lunch. Then I realized half my bill was beer.




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