I’m getting too old for this

After the ballgame, I walked back from the stadium to where I’m staying in Capitol Hill. The Seattle brochure does not mention the hills. In San Francisco they talk about the hills. With Seattle, we just know that there’s a lot of water and some guys throw fish. Be warned, half the time you need to walk up a steep hill.
Back to what I am really too old for. Going out to clubs. All the young kids wear their pants in the hippity hop style. At least the guy pictured above has a nice twist on the theme. What was even stranger was a few guys wearing what I will call Karate Kid style.

What really did my head in was a conversation with a handsome young man. He said something that made me ask his age. When he told me he’s 22, I said good night nurse and went “home.”

5 thoughts on “I’m getting too old for this

    • I’m looking to hook up, not adopt. Campsite rule with the young ones. You need to leave them in the same or better condition than you found them in.

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