How do you make your bread so darn good?

I’m in Billings, Montana. This is a big deal for me because it’s my first time in Montana and my father went to school here (U of M in Missoula), after the army, for his geology master’s. Wise choice for a school if you like rocks and dirt. They have those here in spades.
On a stroll around town I asked a mailman where the “people” go for breakfast. Stella’s he said. “It’s been in what do you call, those culinary magazines.”
Like most places in the USA, the base omelette comes with three eggs. I filled mine with provolone, mushrooms and onions. It was all right. Instead of hash browns I substituted grits. No matter how much salt, pepper and butter I put, the dish stayed bland.
But the bread! It has heft. You need to put some muscle into lifting it. The all wheat toast I had was nutty, lightly sweet and savory at the same time. So fresh. This is after all a bakery. I’m kicking myself for not ordering French toast or the cinnamon rolls. When you go to a bakery, best to get baked goods.
In what has become a morning ritual at breakfast joints (unless I’m over cooking oatmeal on my propane stove on “health” days), I eat half my breakfast, ask for box, then have the rest of breakfast for lunch. I’ve noticed that everyone in America is walking around with a styrofoam box.



2 thoughts on “Stella!

  1. You only order grits in the south, never in the north. They dont know what to do with them . When you get back to NY I will make you some grits that will knock your socks off!

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