Haunted hotels suck for sleeping

Driving at 90 mph in Montana I thought I saw a billboard for a Kimpton Hotel, the boutique chain. 90 mph is totally legal, Montana is like America’s autobahn. So I threw my car off the exit and headed for Terry, Montana. The billboard said Kempton not Kimpton.
A pretty little Western town, I decided to stay. While paying for my luxury room – my own bathroom – I noticed the guest book said things like, “A little girl in a white dress visited me in room 18 during the night.”
Oy, it’s going to be like that is it? I’m pretty agnostic when it comes to ghosts. I don’t know if they do exist, I don’t know if they don’t exist and they really haven’t affected my life that much so I don’t care.
Like an idiot, I did a bunch of research on the hotel before I went to sleep. Nothing evil. The hotel manager is sure to tell everyone that there are only friendly ghosts.
The recipe for ghosts is there. It is the oldest running hotel in Montana and they housed all the county’s sick when the Spanish flu swept through Montana in 1918. Loads of people in white gowns died in the attic. I think it would be illegal for the hotel not to be haunted.
As I was in the twilight between awake and sleep, my hand brushed against the nightstand. I sat up and screamed, “Get off of me!”





3 thoughts on “Haunted hotels suck for sleeping

    • The few moments I did sleep were riddled with horrible nightmares. People who advertise their hotels as haunted are idiots. You might get a few nut jobs but most people will choose the not-haunted Sheraton down the road.

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