Who needs a truck?

The park ranger advised me not to take the hike I intended unless I have a 4×4 or a car with high ground clearance. Why are we so over equipped in America?
It reminded me of the time my friend Peter and his partner were about to buy their first SUV because they had two children. Peter told me, you know, my parents had five kids and we lived with New Hampshire winters and they drove sedans. And it was fine.
The worst part of the road to the hike was a mile of big stones. I went slow so they would not hit my undercarriage or I went off into the grass to play it safe.

Here’s a short video of me getting my Bo and Luke Duke on after I found a steep and flood worn road.

By the way, if I lived in North Dakota or Montana I would absolutely have a 4×4. But for those of us who live in the cities and suburbs – and you don’t go off-roading for fun or tow things – you don’t need a 4×4 to drive to Cosco in the rain and haul a family pack of toilet paper.

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