I’d totally get with me

It’s hot and sunny, I neeeeeed a cowboy hat. There’s something about wearing one that changes how you carry yourself and act. I’ve only owned this thing for 5 minutes and I’ve already started tipping my hat to the ladies and saying Ma’am.
I’m also looking for trouble because with this cowboy hat, I can save the day.
I loved a black hat I tried on but as my friend Rosa from Howard Beach in Queens would say, “It’s too hot for Summah!”
When I told the sales woman at Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters that I like looking like a bad boy in black, she dead panned, “Not all bad boys wear black.”
That’s the title for my next country album.

3 thoughts on “I’d totally get with me

  1. Hell’s bells!!! It’s about time something productive came of this trip. I’ve been waiting nearly 3 months, reading day after day, and now finally you’ve embraced the drifting cowboy inside you. Let it free…. (Just wait ’til you throw on a pair of real boots)

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