I’m sure your little country museum has nice little cars


Damn! I need to be less condescending. Last night a couple walking by my campsite stopped to ask what brings me from NY. They said if I like cars I should go to R&M Auctions and Restoration in Blenheim. Every small town seems to have a car collection so I didn’t take it too seriously. In all my excitement to get to Detroit today (you don’t hear that often) I was going to skip the car collection. Then I started seeing signs for R&M so I thought this might be more than a few Mustangs and Corvettes. Jackpot!
A wood bodied Lagonda Rapide, a few Ferraris including an F40, bunches of Aston Martin’s, Cords, Duesenbergs, and many more I will put in other posts.

Of course I had to get a picture of me and one of the actual General Lee’s from the Dukes of Hazard. I asked Mike, one of the guys who runs the place, if I could slide across the hood and into the open window. He said no but I can pretend I did and he’ll snap a picture. The car was signed by Bo Duke, a.k.a. John Schneider.



I don’t trust myself to write much more right now because I think I have a wee bit of carbon monoxide poisoning from watching about a hundred liters of pre-emission-law engines move around an enclosed space (video – turn the sound up).

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