An I Love Lucy mash up


In the excitement of listening to a car that sounds like a badass motorcycle, I made both a television and car error. The two things I could always count on knowing a little about or at least more about than other things, like history or what type of mushrooms are poisonous.
When the guy told me the Caddy was a 52, I automatically said it was the I Love Lucy Cadillac but I mashed up the two cars in the great New York to LA road trip that the Ricardos and the Mertz’ took. Ricky, the flashy Cuban he is, bought a lovely early 50s brand spanking new Pontiac convertible. Fred, who must’ve married Ethel when she was 10 years old, bought a 30-year-old beat ass Cadillac convertible. Fred was so gross.
Lucy and Ethel did smash the front of the Pontiac into the back of the Caddy so I was correct spiritually in bringing the two together.
And the video (click here) has two great sounds: the Caddy and Mike saying, “Eh.” I love getting Canadians to say Eh. All you have to do is look at them.

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