I’m going back to sleeping bag


No use getting up, it just keeps raining. But with no job or responsibilities, I don’t feel guilty about it. In fact, it’s a money savings every time I’m unconscious.
Joe’s pub opens at 11 AM so that could be a goal for the day. I’d go to Tim Horton’s for coffee but the nearest one is 20 minutes away. You know you’re in the middle of nowhere Canada when a Tim Hortons’s is 20 minutes away.

4 thoughts on “I’m going back to sleeping bag

  1. I know what you mean, I used to dread leaving my flat in London as it seemed impossible to spend less than £100 on any outing you could mention, even popping to the local shop. I call it urban mugging by osmosis.

  2. You also lose weight in a coma. Remember in the novel Valley of the Dolls where Jennifer North takes a Swiss “sleep cure” to lose 20 pounds?

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