Burt Reynolds would be arrested immediately


Big news in extreme southwestern Ontario today is that two drivers were arrested yesterday for “stunt driving.” That’s the actual term. It translates to reckless driving in the USA but it sounds so much cooler.
I imagine Jackie Gleason trying to pull over a Trans Am because it’s going too fast while Sally Field is trying to change out of her wedding dress.
Here’s the not funny part. The man was going only 30 km over the speed limit. The woman, a little less than that. 30 km! That’s not really that much over the speed limit. They both lost their licenses temporarily and could face further penalties or jail time. Going 20 km over the speed limit is what I’ve been doing to keep a safe margin of error. In the United States, if the speed limit is 65, I go 81 mph, figuring it’s not worth it to the trooper. I’m a stunt driver.

Photo credit: NSCALEFUN / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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